Game Village Bingo Homeowners

New Residents of Game Village Bingo can quickly become homeowners with their own street address and number!

You can find your home on the ‘Village Map’ and even find out who your neighbours are by clicking your Street on the map to reveal a list of all occupying residents.

Select any street on the map to locate all your bingo buddies and Game Village Bingo Residents!

Becoming a Homeowner brings a wealth of benefits that include a Free Profile (to include personal information about yourself), exclusive access to monthly and weekly Promotional Games, FREE admittance to any ‘Real Player’ meet ups or events that take place around your Local Market and more…

It’s really easy to become a Homeowner at Game Village Bingo, simply grow into a fully funded and loyal player and on your third deposit at this online bingo site, Game Village with gift you full ownership of your very own home!

The more you deposit and play at Game Village Bingo will mean the opportunity to upgrade your house to something even more luxurious, including bigger and better benefits!

Check out how you can upgrade your house via the following:

  • First Ownership: Blue House – Move in after your first 3 Deposits
  • Second Ownership: Silver House – Move in after playing for 30 consecutive days
  • Third Ownership: Gold House – Move in after playing for 90 consecutive days
  • Fourth Ownership: Gold Castle – Move in after playing for 270 consecutive days
  • Fifth Ownership: Gold Key – Move in after playing for 3 years

Please note that players will need to make a deposit every 30 days to continue owning their home. If a deposit is not made, the home will be taken away and players will have a further 30 days to claim their home back!
No deposits within those 60 days will mean starting at Blue House again when you make your next deposit, no matter Level of House you were living at Game Village Bingo.

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