Deep Sea Bingo Spin-Tastic

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to play Bingo or Slot Machines, that was until we found a little gem over at Deep Sea Bingo that combines them both!

Instead of playing for Cash Jackpots, you can purchase Bingo Tickets to be in with a chance at winning lots of Free Spins!

WOW! Spin-Tastic!

This Mother Pearl of a Promotion takes place daily during the working week from Sunday to Thursday, playing only once a day at 9pm every night.

Purchasing tickets is as cheap as chips for 1p each and winning players will be heading over to the Casino Cove to spend their Free Spins prizes won over at the Bingo Sea Bed!

There are 5 ways to win the ‘WOW! Spin-Tastic!’ promotion and they are included in the following:

  • One Line Win – 20 Free Spins
  • Two Lines Win – 50 Free Spins
  • Full House Win – 100 Free Spins
  • 2TG Winners – 5 Free Spins each
  • 1TG Winners – 10 Free Spins each

1TG and 2TG winning players can even walk away with a bundle of Free Spins to play with, so you don’t even have to win a big prize to take a trip to the Casino Cove.

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